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What is a cue?

The (:)CueCat device can instantly refer users to webpages, information, and articles through

refined visual code – known as the cue. These strings of bars are capable of providing anyone

with the information they want easily, without wading through web of refer links.

Just the information you want – with a single swipe!


Obtaining a cue reader

Previously, the CueCat was distributed through electronic stores and mail-delivered news

subscriptions as a [free of charge] service until production of the reader was halted for

financial and corporally-inclined reasons. While you can’t directly obtain a CueCat from

us anymore, you can purchase readers for a cheap price through commerce.

Get a cat from Amazon or eBay.


Configuring a cue reader

The CueCat requires software (a driver) to run properly on standard machines. Originally

purchased cats bundled a disc [per set] containing this programme, but you can download

the driver here. If you’re new, you’ll need to set it up.



1.      If using physical copy, open the sleeve and insert the disc into a CD-ROM reader.

2.      If using download, save the file to a memorable location (desktop or downloads folder)?

3.      If the setup programme does not begin automatically, open through disc or download.

4.      Follow the on-screen directions. After the software is installed, restart your computer.



After the software is installed, your computer should automatically recognize the cat once

plugged in through the reader’s universal bus connection. If your computer does not support

universal serial bus, you can purchase an adapter (to serial) or third-party card to fit.



The unauthorized or ‘do it yourself’ modification of our products will violate the seller’s

return warranty, but several methods known as declawing allow you to pull it from the server

routine. CueCat scanners are capable of reading cues and other types of standard barcodes.


Other services

DigitalConvergence now provides an online database for the preservation of old and

decaying software. This is the archive, and you can navigate to it.


8/2/08 – The DigitalConvergence page has merged with the Microsoft Software Library.